Frigair to present Africa’s first ATMOsphere event

The first ever ATMOsphere networking event, in association with shecco, will be held during Frigair 2018, giving the expo an international flair and promoting the uptake of natural refrigerants in South Africa and beyond.


The opportunity is ripe for natural refrigerants to take centre stage in global efforts to reduce the climate impact of HEVAC&R technologies. As countries begin to implement the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which aims to phase down HFCs worldwide, ATMOsphere conferences provide a platform not just to showcase the latest technologies, but also to address industry problems and find viable solutions to them.

Firmly established as the world’s leading conference series on natural refrigerants, ATMOsphere will make its mark stronger than ever on the global HEVAC&R sector in 2018. With this event, coinciding with FRIGAIR, South Africa will become the ninth country fortunate enough to host one of the ATMOsphere conferences and networking events. The other countries are Japan, China, Australia, the US, France, Singapore, Spain, and Italy.

shecco is a Belgium-based company that has been active in the global HEVAC&R industry for over 15 years, promoting the uptake of natural refrigerants through innovative solutions and market development. They publish various Accelerate magazines across the world and also own the popular websites,, and (among others). They also produce a series of white papers and host various webinars — all to educate the market and further the ‘natural’ cause.

Coming to South Africa

The first South African ATMOsphere event has been a long time coming, and it is predominantly thanks to the hard work of Wynand Groenewald of Commercial Refrigeration Services (CRS) that shecco is finally expanding their reach into the African continent. Groenewald has attended many ATMO conferences over the years and even presented talks at a couple of them.

Groenewald is passionate about natural refrigerants and is excited about this opportunity to join the global ranks of trendsetters around the world. This will really put not only the Frigair show but also South Africa on the global HEVAC&R map. ‘By attending these international ATMOsphere events, I have personally seen the benefit that they have in the uptake of natural refrigerants,’ explains Groenewald. ‘I am hoping that the same effect will take place after this truly one of a kind event. I’m excited to finally have shecco showcase the great feat that South African refrigeration has achieved on a global scale.’

Attendees can look forward to presentations by an impressive mix of both international and local experts. Topics will include a look at the global refrigerant phase out; international trends; what is shecco doing internationally; how are natural refrigerants progressing locally; CO2 project case studies in South Africa; and end-user experiences in working with CO2 as a refrigerant.

The world-class ATMOsphere event will take place at Hall 3, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, on Thursday, 7 June 2018 from 15:00 until 19:00 and is free to attend.

Come see what the world is doing in terms of natural refrigerants and see for yourself how South Africa measures up against the rest of the world.