Probiotics and bran flake combined is an international first for nutrition

FuturelifeFuturelife Smart Fibre 2in1 is the world’s first high protein bran flake to combine cereal and live probiotics.

It’s perfect for the whole family, but especially those wanting to take better care of their digestive health. Made to support the digestive system and loaded with 38 essential nutrients, each box of contains 10 servings of fibre-rich bran flakes, along with 10 individually packed sachets of Howaru Premium Probiotics.                         ­­­

The probiotics are individually packed to preserve the number and viability of the live cultures. Probiotics cannot be put through the same heat processing treatment as bran flakes because the live cultures would be destroyed.

HOWARU Premium Probiotics are a blend of clinically studied probiotic strains that have been scientifically formulated to contain two of the most beneficial probiotic strains that have proven digestive and immune health benefits, making them Futurelife‘sprobiotic blend of choice.