Green-lipped mussels aid human muscles

Mussels -_Aroma_NZ13New Zealand green-lipped mussels harvested from the famous Marlborough Sounds sea-drowned valleys is effective in treating joint pain and stiffness. A product called Glycomega Plus from Aroma NZ is extracted from green-lipped mussels (sometimes known as green-shelled mussels). It is a rich source of omega 3s and all major classes of glycosaminoglycans, which are the principle components of cartilage and the fluid found in joints that provide flexibility, elasticity and strength. The severity of arthritis is directly related to the loss of glycosaminoglycan content in the joint and surrounding cartilage.

Supplied freeze-dried, Glycomega Plus is used widely in functional foods and dietary supplements in the human and animal nutrition sectors to provide proven joint-care benefits. 

Study results

In the randomised study, published in the journal Inflammopharmacology, 38 knee osteoarthritis sufferers took either Glycomega Plus green-lipped mussel extract or glucosamine sulphate over 12 weeks. They were asked to record the severity of their knee pain and stiffness at the beginning and end of the period. Those taking the mussel extract recorded the lowest scores. Additionally, they also were able to reduce their use of analgesics during the study.

‘The excellent results from this latest independent trial show that our green-lipped mussel powder worked more rapidly and provided faster relief than glucosamine for the arthritis sufferers who took part,’ states Aroma NZ’s director Ben Winters Jr, who also confirmed that the study was not sponsored by the company. University of Queensland researcher Samantha Coulson, who co-authored the study, confirmed that Glycomega Plus ‘worked quicker and provided better relief’ than the glucosamine used in the study. A larger, randomised double-blind clinical study is scheduled to begin later this year.

Founded in 1961, Aroma NZ sells active ingredient materials backed by scientific verification and research to nutritional and veterinarian companies worldwide.