Seven simple actions to green SA this Mandela Day

The Glass Recycling Company’s advice on actions to go green this Mandela DayThe Glass Recycling Company provides simple practices that can be followed on 18 June to contribute to an environmentally friendly environment. These are as follows:

  1. Plant an indigenous tree- make an effort to green SA the simple way. Plant a tree to encourage local wildlife, birds and insects. Consider planting the tree in a community without many trees.
  2. Find a glass bank and recycle – it’s really easy to find a place where you can recycle your glass bottles and jars. Visit to find a recycling bank for your glass. There are more than 4 000 glass banks in SA.
  3. Support a collector – if you don’t have time to drop off your recycling, be courteous and separate your recyclables from your food waste to help out the collectors who look for recyclables in your rubbish bin each week. You may also want to leave out a pair of gardening gloves to make their work a little easier.
  4. Clean up a spruit, beach or roadside- gather a group of likeminded individuals to spend a few hours picking up rubbish at a local beach, river course or littered spot in your neighbourhood.
  5. Return your bottles -take back your returnable glass bottles to the nearest retailer where you can receive a refund. Returnable bottles include certain spirit, soft drink and quart beer bottles.
  6. Support an environmental charity or wildlife rehabilitation organisation- find a local wildlife rehabilitation centre, environmental charity or environmental education organisation and ask if they need volunteers. Though this can be hard work it can be very rewarding.

Encourage your workplace, complex, school or community centre to apply for a glass bank- if you’re unable to do any of the above activities during Mandela Month, encourage your friends and family to recycle and think twice about throwing away items that could easily be recycled! You can also encourage your complex, office park or school to apply for a glass bank where the community can recycle.