Manufacturing margarine with only 10% fat content

margarineMaking low fat spreads has until now been a difficult job due to the risks of water separation and poor mouthfeel. However, by using the right combination of emulsifiers and by carefully testing the production parameters, Palsgaard makes it possible to make low fat spreads with only 10 per fat.

Traditionally margarine, dairy and other spread producers have been cautious about developing and producing low fat spreads due to the problems it could generate in the production, such as an increased risk of unstable products and insecure production parameters. 

The fact is that there is an increasing focus on fat reduction from a nutrition point of view due to the increasing number of people with a BMI above 30 and the subsequent potential risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes etc. Reducing the fat content in a margarine spread beyond the traditional 40% allows for additional nutritional benefits such as the possibility for a reduction of saturated fat in the food intake together with a reduction of the total fat intake. At the same time the total cost of raw materials for low fat spreads is lower than for normal margarines.

Palsgaard makes it possible to make low fat spreads with only 10 per fat. Download the technical paper HERE. This article explains both how the emulsifier system works but, equally important, how to get the correct processing conditions.

How to successfully manufacture a low fat margarine spread with only 10% fat is written by Anders Mølbak Jensen, Product & Application Manager, Lipid & Fine Foods, Palsgaard A/S.