Safeline X-ray wins innovation award

Innovation-award-Mettler-ToledoIn recognition of the advanced technical design of its X-series of food and pharmaceutical x-ray systems, Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray has been awarded its second Queen’s Award for Enterprise, this time in the category of innovation.

Comprising the X33, X36 and X37 series, the systems offer manufacturers significant benefits when installed on production lines. Reduced power consumption leads to direct energy savings, while enhanced sensitivity to detect physical contaminants such as glass, calcified bone, mineral stone, glass, ceramic, dense plastic and rubber compounds boosts brand protection and helps protect against costly product recalls.

The ability to perform a number of other quality control functions in addition to contaminant detection, such as fill level inspection, mass measurement and component counts, for example, also adds considerable value, as these tasks can be carried out in line simultaneously, without the need to slow production line speeds.

Anthony Darragh, product engineering head at Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray, comments, ‘We are delighted to have been honoured with this award. It is great recognition for the team at Safeline X-ray, who have been instrumental in creating and launching the highly successful X-Series product line up. The innovation category is always fiercely competitive and the  award is testament to the team’s ability to anticipate and overcome the challenges that our customers are presented with in the field of product inspection.