Ishida’s inspection system ensures superior quality cheese

The Famous Brands Cheese Company, managed by Coega Dairy in the Eastern Cape, has enhanced its stringent quality control standards with a new Ishida x-ray inspection technology.

The Famous Brands Cheese Company’s staff members alongside the Ishida IX-GN-4044 x-ray inspection technology
Senior cheesemaker Henk Geustyn, machine assistant Bronwyn Cook and machine operator Elastos Mudzamatira alongside Ishida’s Flip Van Biljon

The company installed the Ishida IX-GN-4044 x-ray inspection system to identify potential foreign bodies in three kilogram packs of diced mozzarella cheese supplied for pizza toppings. The flexibility of this system has also enabled the company to use the machine for weight estimation.

Prior to the installation, it used metal detection for the quality inspection process but was attracted by the much wider capabilities of the x-ray technology.

‘With the IX-GN-4044 we can also search for glass as well as different metals. This means we can make our products even safer for our customers,’ says Richard Rudman, operations manager of the Famous Brands Cheese Company.

The equipment is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It handles 20t of diced cheese daily and approximately 18 bags per minute. The line speed is currently governed by the capabilities of the bagmaker. The system has the capacity to operate at much higher speeds, future-proofing the company’s continued growth. The device is also user-friendly, easy to operate and quick and easy to clean.