Freezing economics 101

JBT-Frigoscandia-technologyFinding new ways of making freezing technology more economical is a key aim for JBT, the global technology equipment supplier to the food processing industry.

JBT’s new Frigoscandia GyroCompact 40 Spiral Freezer has evolved from one of the company’s best selling products, the GYRoCompact Classic 400 spiral freezer. The latter  has sold over 1 100 units throughout the world.

This latest technology replaces the outdated wagon drive with the company’s patented FrigoDrive system providing a number of benefits. These include 30 per cent faster belt speeds, even more advanced hygiene features, lower running and maintenance costs, and improved serviceability. The freezer also boasts an increase in capacity of between 15 and 20 per cent on its predecessor, which is around 35 to 40 per cent higher than can be produced on any competitor freezer of the same size.

A key feature of the Frigoscandia spiral freezing technology is the patented self-stacking FrigoBelt Nova conveyor which forms a self-contained product freezing zone.

Torbjörn Persson, JBT’s portfolio and applications director, explains, ‘With this new spiral freezer, the FrigoBelt Nova conveyor simply rests on the flat surface of the chain. The belt stack turns as a single unit, so there’s no need for supporting uprights or rails, either inside or outside. This means there are no stationary parts to cause jamming, or dirt-trapping structures to complicate cleaning. And the self-stacking FrigoDrivesystem removes the need for a drum to wrap the belt around, so there’s no risk of overstretching the belt.’

As the demand for frozen food continues to increase, and legislation on health and safety becomes more regulated, Persson says that JBT is dedicated to producing freezer technology that sets the standard for hygiene, durability and cost of ownership.

‘With the new GyroCompact 40 Spiral Freezer we’ve retained all the best technological features that we’ve developed over many years, and upgraded a best-selling design to meet this demand. This latest model is the most cleanable and cost-efficient freezer in the world, with around 35 to 40 per cent higher capacity than any comparable freezer of the same size.’

The JBT portfolio also includes Stein coating and frying equipment, DSI slicing and portioning systems, Double D impingement cookers and searer/grill markers, and Formcook Contact and Combi Cookers.