Kaden becomes Symrise BioActives

SymriseKaden Biochemicals is now Symrise BioActives. As of 3 September, the company is making its ties with its parent company more evident with a new name and its own website. It is also sharpening its profile as an independent supplier of plant extracts, rare sugars and specialties. Both its proven and new biofunctional ingredients lend themselves well to the fields of food supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and diagnostics.

Back in 1982, the founders of Kaden Biochemicals had already picked up on the global trend in the direction of natural products with added benefits for health and well-being. And the supplier of highly purified plant extracts has been developing, producing and marketing a wide array of biofunctional ingredients ever since.

Strengthening ties

Kaden Biochemicals is strengthening its ties with its parent company, adopting a new and fresh market presence as Symrise BioActives. The new name also clearly communicates the idea that this is a familiar partner offering quality products sourced from nature.

As a unit with business independence, Symrise BioActives can react in a targeted manner to the particularities of the food supplements market. It is sharpening its profile as a provider of diverse products that strategically complement the Symrise portfolio. It is also making the customers’ direct contact with the company smoother, with expert contact people in this field.

‘We changed our name from Kaden to Symrise BioActives in order to make the added value generated for our customers by this merger more visible,’ explains Dr Stephan Hillers, MD of Symrise BioActives GmbH in Hamburg. ‘As ever, we will continue to offer customers our sound expertise in the area of natural biofunctional ingredients as well as services of reliable quality. In addition, we and our partners now enjoy the benefits of Symrise’s strong network. Among other areas, we are working closely with our parent company’s highly specialised analytics division and with its carefully trained regulatory experts.

‘We are currently expanding our expertise in botanical extracts from red fruits,’ adds Dr Hillers. ‘Also, we are developing new product concepts. These, we intend to use to further consolidate our position as an experienced partner for highly enhanced active ingredients with benefits for health and well-being.’

Market leaders

Symrise BioActives produces highly purified plant-based extracts and active substances which are certified as being safe for the food industry. It offers a comprehensive range of products and customized services including exclusive made-to-order jobs. The company meets consumer demand for healthy nutrition with its broad expertise and cutting-edge extraction technology. Founded as Kaden Biochemicals in 1982, Symrise BioActives offers 30 years of experience in the field of food supplements and natural, active ingredients. It has been a part of the Symrise Group since January 2006, a global supplier of fragrances and flavourings, cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials as well as functional ingredients, and is among the top four in the global flavours and fragrances market.