Kamboo presents PET and printing plate innovations at Propak Africa 2016


Kamboo Marketing (Kamboo), a leading southern African representative for Ferag, Manugraph, Quadtech, Fife, Klöckner Pentaplast, Toray/Dantex and Segbert, will be exhibiting its solutions for the printing and packaging industries at Propak Africa 2016.

Easy snap PET material for yoghurt cups

Its principal Klöckner Pentaplast is a global leader in packaging solutions for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device and card markets, among others. With a broad portfolio of rigid plastic films, the company plays an integral role in the customer value chain by protecting product integrity, safety, consumer health and brand reputation. 

As part of its ongoing drive to promote and enhance its values, Klöckner Pentaplast is introducing a new and innovative product for the dairy market. Based on PET technology, the new product offers a safe and sustainable solution that consumers can easily snap in two. The material is ideally suited to yoghurt cup multipacks.

Plates and more

Kamboo will also showcase Dantex’s range of water wash photopolymer plate materials. The company points out that water wash plate processing can form the foundation for a cleaner and more efficient working environment. The technology offers production advantages, such as ease of use and speed, and reduces the high costs associated with solvent processing.

Torelief plates

The principal’s Torelief letterpress plates produce secure and uniform dot rosettes, which retain their integrity across all separations, consistently delivering a very fine printed result. Torelief can achieve 200lpi and can hold a 60 micron dot.

The product has extremely effective ink lay-down properties. The ink ‘bubble’ on the surface of the plate splits efficiently to offer optimum ink density on the substrate, without reticulation. It also delivers extraordinarily fast washout, high-speed print capability without any edge lifting, and an excellent press life.

According to Dantex ‘digital imaging of Torelief digital plates is three times faster than average, saving on laser power and offering quick turnaround.’ The company indicates that the unique black mask technology used produces an extremely fine resolution, as its high molecular bonding strength prevents even the smallest dots from breaking.

Optima plates

These flexographic plates’ advanced technology enables fast plate washout, excellent resolution, long press life and greater re-usability. It is compatible with all ink types, including UV, water and solvent. The plates are also available in a digital format, with a unique patented black mask carbon layer.

Optima is said to have superior ink release characteristics and requires very little cleaning during printing and removal. In the industry, conventional solvent plates tend to lift from the mounting tape, and because of poor elasticity, the plates can have fit issues. Optima, however, stays on the tape with no edge lifting. The innovation produces class-leading results on both conventional and HD imaged formats.

Rapidoflex plates

This product’s high-quality print capabilities and ability to maintain excellent colour consistency, using vibrant, solvent-free inks, makes the process an ideal choice for high-impact labels. It offers ease of use and fast, clean processing. It is well suited to quick turnaround flexo plate making.

Rapidoflex analogue and digital plates can be produced in just 18 minutes for an A2 plate, making them some of the fastest UV flexo plates on the market. They offer greater colour consistency and superior scuff, fade and chemical resistance. The LAM plate has a screen range of one to 95 per cent at 200dpi.

Varnica plates

This product is suitable for all coating applications and ideal for spot varnishing. The material can be supplied in conjunction with a dry film system, which allows print service providers to benefit from solvent-free plate processing, and eliminates the need for an imagesetter.

Varnica also benefits from Dantex’s high-speed, cost-effective processing. It has long-run capabilities and eliminates the need for strippable blankets.

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