Konica Minolta South Africa moves into label and packaging market

ESSAR Business Consultancy owner, Syd Roberts alongside Konica Minolta South Africa’s production print solutions manager, Leon MinnieKonica Minolta South Africa, a division of Bidvest Office, announced that it is leveraging its proven, world-class printing technology to break into the local label and packaging industry.

‘The world of labels is one of the most rapidly growing and fastest changing sectors in the entire printing industry,’ says Leon Minnie, manager of production print solutions at Konica Minolta South Africa.

Minnie says labels return an above GDP growth year-on-year. ‘Most of this growth has come from self-adhesive (or pressure-sensitive) labels, which have transformed this sector, as well as factors including customisation and regionalised products.’

The advances within the various stages of digital label printing combined with a better understanding of how to manage digital printing and workflows in the label plant, have helped move digital label printing rapidly forward.

Minnie explores seven compelling reasons to make the transition from analogue to digital label printing:

  • Output can be personalised – research in 2016 showed that customised packaging makes products feel more valuable to the consumer
  • Multiple stock keeping units (SKUs) can be handled – short runs of different labels are quick and easy to run, with no additional preparation time, making this type of printing more effective and profitable
  • Lead times can be shortened – no pre-press setup time makes for a printing process that can start without delay
  • Costs can be lowered – less waste, minimal labour requirements and zero plates used equate to lower running costs and improved profitability
  • Improve consistency – total colour management control allows for consistency across the substrate for the entire press run
  • Simplified operation – digital control is far more straightforward than the conventional analogue system – jobs can be queued from a touchscreen control panel making reprints faster and more cost effective
  • Quick and easy changeover of media rolls – different substrates can be changed simply by splicing one onto the other

‘There seems little doubt that digital technology will be a critical and ever-growing part of the label and package printing industry’s future,’ Minnie adds.

He concludes that label printers and converters willing to embrace digital printing, investing wisely in the future, are those most likely to succeed in tomorrow’s world.