Kraft gum launches interactive packaging

iD GumToday’s teens are seeking inspiration to discover and explore their multiple passions and Kraft Foods, makers of iD Gum, are giving them something to chew over.

In a bid to reverse declining sales, gum brands are making claims to be degradable, energy boosting, aspartame-free and even vegan. The $2.6 billion US gum industry has figured out that the only way to grow the sinking business — whose unit sales have fallen about four per cent over the past year — is not to roll out new flavours, but to roll out credible, socially relevant reasons for teens, in particular, to chew.

‘Teenagers want to be spontaneous and iconoclastic,’ explains ad psychologist Renee White Fraser. ‘Now, they can choose a gum that delivers that each time they chew.’

iD Gum is packaged in a sleek, folding pack featuring a new magnetic closure. Once unwrapped, the pack reveals original artwork sourced from 18 young emerging artists from around the world. The core of the brand also focuses on the teen experience with a unique arcade experience (ArtCade), free online games on iD’s Facebook page and Android.

‘Today’s teens are really looking for that emotional connection with their brands and are hungry for new ways to explore and display their creativity and individuality,’ comments Stephanie Wilkes, vice president NA Confections, Kraft Foods. ‘The uniqueness of iD Gum – from the artwork to the packaging to its online gaming experience – takes discovery and personal expression to a whole new level.’