Darling Brew Godfather bottled in 330ml for autumn and winter seasons.

Darling-Brew-enters-NPCDarling Brew’s Godfather Rye IPA was first launched especially for Clarens Beer Festival in February 2017, where attending breweries were all asked to create a new festival brew.

After the Clarens Beer Festival, Godfather was rolled out to several bars in Gauteng and the Western Cape. The beer received much acclaim and interest leading to Kevin Wood, owner of Darling Brew, deciding to bottle it as a limited edition winter beer in Darling Brew’s new 330ml shape.

This heavily dry hopped rye India Pale Ale has an ABV of 7.7 per cent making it heavy enough to be a perfect winter beer. The spiciness of the rye interacts with the resinous hop aromas whilst a hint of fresh fruitiness shines through. ‘The cornerstone of what we have always done at Darling Brew is fantastic, easy drinking beers,’ says Wood. ‘That is why we insisted on maintaining the beer as an easy drinking one, despite being perfect for winter.’

Continuing in Darling Brew’s consistent effort to draw attention to conservation and sustainability, the Godfather IPA is inspired by the African Buffalo, one of the big five in Africa. This can be seen on the beer’s iconic label. ‘Buffalos have become a major target for trophy hunters,’ says Wood, ‘with their populations declining due to over hunting.’