Quenching Africa’s thirst for beer

Metal Tank IndustriesMetal Tanks is a dedicated supplier of vessels and processing equipment to the beer industry on the African continent. FOOD MANUFACTURING AFRICA spoke to managing director, Rob MacGregor, about some of the latest trends defining the opaque and clear beer market.

Beer is part of African culture. Historically, the majority of consumers enjoy traditional beer. ‘We recognise that the African market is diverse and broad. The current markets points at a larger picture than just clear beers, including opaque and traditional products.

‘We have developed an in-house set of skills that are particular to the opaque beer market. From design engineering processes and installations, our teams have specific experience across the full range of beer products. Collectively, we can boast over 50 years of processing experience,’ MacGregor enthuses.

‘Our key marketing approach is that we can supply producers and manufacturers with total turnkey traditional beer plants. We not only supply the mechanical aspects, but the process elements of the brewery as well. We have finely tuned this to the point where we can offer process validation on how to make a product work with specific equipment. We also offer recipe formulations. We are particularly excited that we have completed our proposed training modules this year. This new value-add means that we can train new entrants in all aspects of beer brewing and plant operation.’

Turnkey Solutions to the brewing industryMetal Tanks has the capacity to supply equipment and processes to the brewing giants in the market, but also mid-level and smaller entrants who operate on lesser scales of economy. On the clear beer side they are actively involved in supplying small, commercial and micro-brewing plants with turnkey solutions. The company is currently active in Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Tanzania.

MacGregor is upbeat about the future of the beer industry on the continent, ‘The next growth phase in Africa is that of more specialised beer products. As incomes continue to grow and consumers become more aspirational, there will be movements away from main brands towards smaller brewers. As the market is still immature, this might still take some time,’ MacGregor concludes.