Meters for any occasion with proven capabilities

LabotecThe Orion range from Thermo Scientific will meet any potential application, measurement need, budget and various levels of functionality with a meter (both benchtop and portable) that configures to all needs. The new range Orion Star A and Versa Star range of meters available from Labotec consists of 24 models designed to handle any type of sample.

Labotec’s Orion Versa Star is the top of the range meter for those who demand the best. With four channels, it can be configured in a variety of combination. Incremental methods for ISE, auto recognising for polarographic or RDO optical dissolved oxygen probes, RS232 communication port, two USB communication ports, and two Orion stirrer ports are just some of the unique advantages. Five modules are available: pH/ISE, conductivity, dissolved oxygen of pH with LogR temperature technology, which can all be mixed and matched. 

Benchtop and portable

Moving down the range, the Orion Star A210/A320 and the Dual Star benchtop and portable meters cater for single, dual-parameter and two-channel measurement. They are GLP/GMP compliant with 1 000-5000 data-log memory depending on the model, and time/date stamp and RS232/USB communications.

Finally, the range of more affordable and simple meters includes the Orion Star A110-series benchtop and Orion Star A120-series portable meters. These have single parameter measurement capabilities for pH/temperature, conductivity / temperature and dissolved oxygen / temperature.  These meters provide the core information, with memory for 50 data points.