Eye-popping innovations on display

Milliken Chemical will be showcasing its containers of NX UltraClear polypropylene developed using its Millad NX 8000 clarifier at the upcoming international packaging exhibition, Hispack 2018, in Spain. The event takes place from 8 to 11 May.

The new containers are lightweight, microwaveable, can be hot-filled and are recyclable

The company will highlight why this material is the preferred solution for packaging. To create the container, Milliken worked closely with plastics packaging producer, ITC Packaging in Spain, and the Belgium based label solutions supplier, Verstraete IML.

‘The containers are lightweight, microwaveable, can be hot-filled and are recyclable,’ according to Milliken ITC Packaging will use its presence at the show to highlight several recent innovative products and projects.

‘This solution comes in response to one of our customers’ greatest demands, to achieve more transparent packaging that allows for a clear display of the product with a minimum of visual interference,’ says Silvia Oliver, a representative from ITC Packaging.
The aim to create this UltraClear container was driven by the desire to find a glass alternative for packaging a vegetable snack. The packaging had to be suitable to house a healthy product requiring a high degree of transparency but clearly transmitting the freshness and naturalness of the product.

‘The features offered by NX UltraClear PP are striking in terms of transparency. Any product that has to use its appearance as a sales tool for differentiation will find an ideal companion in this solution. The material’s transparency is complemented by the use of Verstraete IML’s SuperClear IML label. This further enhances the product’s marketing potential,’ adds Alexis Moreno, account manager at ITC Packaging’s sales department.
IML’s regional sales manager in Southern Europe, Benedict Adins says the benefits of the container are high transparency and no changeover costs or delays.
‘A huge number of different IML looks can be created with the same keyline and there is possibility of creating a “floating label” look, with the label being printed only on the upper part of the packaging.’

Milliken Chemical has a branch in South Africa.