Modern packaging solutions

Geiger & Klotzbücher (G&K) is one of southern Africa’s leading suppliers of packaging material and equipment for the food processing of perishable products. It services the meat, seafood, poultry, dairy and convenience food industries, offering modern, in-house, BRC certified printing and converting facilities. The company’s main areas of expertise lies in packaging, machinery and consumables.

With a strong focus on flexible packaging, G&K supplies the highest quality packaging materials i.e. vacuum, shrink, high-abuse bags, thermoforming films, and a broad range of artificial casings. Oxygen and liquid barriers for maximum extension of shelf life and maximum protection of valuable food products rounds off the product portfolio. The range includes Bemis, Viskase and Allfo/Allvac. Other services include:

  • Standard stock items and the ability to customise and print packaging in large and small volumes
  • Guidance through the process of conceptualising to convert a client’s packaging design idea. The provision of in-house packaging and print design through a reliable network of suppliers.
  • Assistance and advice on custom designs for specific product packaging.
  • In-house team of expert printers in flexo-printing methods for a multitude of packaging materials
  • Sourcing of a wide range of cutting-edge raw materials from different packaging leaders.

G&K is a supplier of Lorenzo Barroso, Italian Pack, Inject Star and Boss Vacuum, amongst others. These brands offer equipment from small processing and packaging machines, industrial in-line processing and packaging lines and turnkey projects, backed by G&K’s well-equipped workshop, factory-trained service, maintenance engineers, spare parts management and logistics.

The company supplies Nojax peelable cellulose casings, bone guard material and clips and loops. Consumables are used in conjunction with equipment or other packaging items supplied by G&K. Viskase’s Nojax casings are a non-edible cellulose casing product. They offer an economical, automated solution for small caliber cooked and smoked sausage production. Other commodities include clips and loops required to close and seal all types of tubular shaped packaging. Bone Guard is a specific food safe wax paper, which prevents bones and other sharp objects from piercing a normal vacuum/ shrink bag. All systems are available for small, medium and large enterprises.