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New Product Competition

Oros-Lite Oros is a nostalgic brand boasting a rich heritage of 115 years in the market. It continues to play a key role in South Africa as a brand that is truly multi-generational. The growing trend for on-the-go convenience, coupled to calling the heed for reduced sugar products has resulted in a convenient 500ml pack size for on-the-go refreshment as well as a reduced sugar profile in the new Oros Lite. 

Food-review-new-product-competition-winner-2017The Venue in Sandton, Gauteng, offered a glittering backdrop to a night of celebrating innovation during the 2017 Food Review/Symrise New Products awards evening. The event showcased a total of 36 entries and was a great opportunity to see what our industry has to offer. This year, the call for reduced sugar, clean labels and innovative flavours were highlighted. The competition also saw pioneering products especially in the alcoholic craft beverage market. Congratulations to Futurelife for its Futurelife Smart Fibre 2 in 1. This product defines thinking out of the box!

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