Dairy Maid enters three products in NPC

Oreo-NPC There’s a new twist on everyone’s favourite cookie this summer: The Oreo Ice Cream Cone.

How do you turn your favourite cookie into an ice cream? You take a crisp wafer cone and fill it with vanilla-flavoured ice cream, topping it off with crushed chocolate-flavoured Oreo biscuits.

The Oreo cone has the same simple and great taste of the traditional Oreo cookie. It delivers a great chocolate flavour and satisfying texture, making it the perfect base for a generous serving of chunky Oreo biscuit pieces buried within deliciously smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream. This adds an instant crunchy sensation, which gives the ultimate satisfaction with each bite. Impulse-Crunchie-Blast

The new creation from Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate is a blast

The fireworks on the Crunchie Blast Stick label tell the tale. A blast of Crunchie-flavoured ice-cream covered in Cadbury Milk Chocolate bursting with popping candy that tickles your taste buds.

The hidden bits of popping candy in the honeycomb ice cream create a surprise sensation with every bite, long after the chocolate covering has melted.

It’s the subtle tingling sensation that makes the Crunchie Blast a great treat for all. It is a fun-filled treat that promises to produce giggles and smiles from all ages.

Oreo-SandwichAn ovation for the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

The dynamic duo known as the Oreo ice cream sandwich, is one of those simple treats in life that far surpass the sum of its parts; and when the world’s bestselling cookie is involved, the experience is unrivalled.

The latest indulgent ice-cream sandwich offering is from Oreo is made of chocolate Oreo biscuits sandwiched with a smooth layer of vanilla flavoured ice cream, infused with real Oreo biscuit pieces to create the perfect frozen dessert.

Winners of this year’s Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition stands a chance to win a trip to Paris to visit the SIAL show!