Royco Instant Soup – new improved range and recipes

Royco Instant Soup New RangeRoyco is renovating their entire instant soup range with:
• New fresh looking packaging
• New improved recipes
• New exciting flavours
• New pack formats
• New first to market launches

They are pulling their Instant Soup range in line with consumer trends:

• For a healthier lifestyle, the soups contain no added MSG and all artificial colours have been removed from their products.
• Royco now caters to a broad base of consumer needs. From the health conscious to the more indulgent, there is a soup for everyone.
•The top selling variants have been made into convenient single serve sachets.
• The Royco taste guarantee, guarantees you that you will always be satisfied with your Royco Soup, and if not they will gladly replace it!
• Royco knows how difficult it is to find your kids the perfect snack that is full of goodness, and that’s why they have developed the ideal kids’ instant soup snack.

The Royco Instant Soup range is made-up of 5 categories:

The categories (Original, Extras, Lite, Kids and Singles) have been split based on consumer requirements and shopper behaviour, in order to make navigating the
category more simple for the shoppers.


Royco Original Cup of Soup

A traditional Royco recipe for those who need a quick and convenient warm winter snack. 10 delicious recipes:

o    Roast Beef & Potato flavour
o    Beef & Vegetable flavour
o    Chicken & Mushroom flavour
o    Chicken Noodle flavour
o    Country Vegetable
o    Hearty Beef flavour
o    Lamb & Vegetable flavour
o    Mushroom
                                 o    Rich Oxtail flavour
                                 o    Tomato


Royco Singles Instant Soup

Single serve sachets for those who want a quick and delicious snack on the go. No  added MSG and no artificial colourants. 5 delicious recipes:

o    Chicken Noodle Flavour
o    Country Vegetable
o    Beef & Vegetable Flavour
o    Lamb & Vegetable Flavour
o    Chicken & Mushroom Flavour


Royco Extra Cup of Soup

For those who are indulgent and prefer a richer taste profile. The Extras range comes with either extra croutons for more crunch, extra creamy for a thicker and richer flavour or extra noodles for those looking for a more filling snack. 10 delicious recipes:

Extra Creamy: Chicken Flavour I Tomato I Butternut I Potato & Leek
Extra Noodles: Chicken & Corn Flavour I Beef & Vegetable Flavour I Minestrone
Extra Crunchy: Pea & Ham Flavour I Creamy Chicken & Veg Flavour I Beef & Mushroom Flavour


Royco Lite Instant Soups

For those who are watching their weight, the Lite range offers a low in fat snack which is convenient, easy and full of flavour. 25% less fat than the Royco Originals range. 4 delicious recipes:
Minestrone I Beef & Vegetable Flavour I Garden Vegetable I Chicken & Herb Flavour


Instant soup for kids


Royco Kids Cup of Soup


The Kids range is a market first innovation aimed at providing moms with the perfect snack for their kids. The Kids range taste profile is sweeter and the texture smoother than the rest of the range in order to guarantee moms empty cups. The Kids range is packed with oodles of alphabet noodles and they’re guaranteed to make meal time fun time. No added MSG, no preservatives and no artificial colourants. 3 delicious recipes:



o    Chicken & Sweetcorn Flavour
o    Creamy Tomato with Alphabet Noodles
o    Cheesy Chicken Flavour with Alphabet Noodles

Royco is produced by Mars Africa, a wholly owned division of Mars Incorporated and encompasses three main divisions:


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