New TV show to target ‘lies’ told by food manufacturers

looking through_a_keyholeJames Watt, who is also the co-founder of Scottish craft brewers BrewDog, told the media that he hopes UK primetime series Food Unwrapped will lead to consumers boycotting some of the world’s leading ‘offending brands’.

‘Our aim with this programme is to educate the public, to make them aware of the lies they’re fed by some manufacturers and to encourage change. It will be ultimately down to the consumer to decide whether they will continue to buy these brands, or stand up for their right to the truth in marketing and boycott the offending brands,’ comments Watt.

Shocking reality

The eight-part Channel 4 show, which began televising last night in the UK, goes behind the scenes in food factories across the world, meeting technicians, scientists, owners, growers and producers. Watt maintains the programme will highlight the divide between how products are made, and how they are sold.

‘There is a stark difference between what we see from brands on the outside and the shocking reality behind the scenes. [Some of the] multinational corporations and conglomerates are only interested in their bottom line,’ he contends. ‘Thankfully, we have laws that prevent the divide becoming too wide, but loopholes and sneaky tactics mean it still occurs.’