Nuy Winery retains Veritas crown as best fortified wine producer

Nuy Winery won ten gold and one double gold medal in the fortified wine category at the 27th Veritas Awards, making them the top achiever in this class for a second consecutive year.


An imposing 1638 wines competed this year and 1472 medals, of which 71 were double gold, 193 gold, 654 silver and 554 bronze were awarded in line with a newly improved point system. Nuy walked away with the following honours:

Double gold in the museum class for their Nuy Rooi Muskadel 1991 and gold for a further ten of their fortified wines:

  • Nuy Barbieri Idro Rooi Muskadel 2013
  • Nuy Rooi Muskadel 2014
  • Nuy Rooi Muskadel 2013
  • Nuy Rooi Muskadel 2012
  • Nuy Rooi Muskadel 2010
  • Nuy Wit Muskadel 2014
  • Nuy Wit Muskadel 2013
  • Nuy Wit Muskadel 2007
  • Nuy Wit Muskadel 2006
  • Nuy Wit Muskadel 1999

Two silver for:

  • Nuy Mastery Sauvignon Blanc 2017
  • Nuy Legacy Celine MCC

Three bronze for:

  • Nuy Mastery Chardonnay 2015
  • Nuy Inspiration Sauvignon Blanc 2017
  • Nuy Argilla 2015

‘The results are a big achievement for us, especially because it’s over a number of harvest years – it’s good to know that our quality remains constant. In addition, it confirms the aging potential of our wines and we can recommend our older Muscats to our customers with peace of mind. Nuy Winery’s other wines are made with the same enthusiasm and we are glad that these wines were also rewarded,’ says Christo Pienaar, cellar master at Nuy Winery.

More on the Veritas Awards

The Veritas Awards is the longest running and most prestigious wine and brandy competition in South Africa and is synonymous with excellence in wine and brandy.

The Veritas Awards started in 1991 and gives recognition to wines and brandies of exceptional quality and the distinctive Veritas symbol of excellence serves as an authoritative quality guideline for wine and brandy connoisseurs. Since the start of the show, the organisers emphasised the need to present these wines to the general public.

Gold and double gold awards are of significant value to the wine industry as well, as it offers a prestigious image for the wine, winery and winemaker, brandy and brandy masters and contributes to growth in sales.

More than 120 international and local judges gather every year during September in the Cape Winelands to judge the entries that cover the full wine style and vintage spectrum.  Wines and brandies are tasted blind in groups of ten at a time by a panel that consist of seven wine or brandy experts.

How to get your hands on this wine

Buy these wines directly from their tasting room and restaurant, Nuy on the hill, on the R60 between Worcester and Robertson, or order from their website: