NWK is a proud partner of South Africa Day and the Coligny Cleaning Project

NWK is proud to be the primary sponsor of the South Africa Day Towns Makeover. The purpose of this initiative is to provide dilapidated and derelict towns in South Africa with much needed resources and support to help rebuild infrastructure and restore investor interest.


‘NWK teamed up with the South Africa Day Towns Makeover Initiative to help Coligny, a small town located in the North West Province,’ says Theo Rabe, CEO of NWK Limited. Coligny has recently experienced unprecedented conflict and adversity which led to the town’s decay and divided the local residents. ‘South Africa Day has intervened and supported the local community. Shortly thereafter, the Coligny project has become the focus of the Towns Makeover initiative and NWK is proud to be a partner of this initiative,’ says Rabe.

‘It is a priority for NWK to play a sustainable and meaningful role in the communities we serve as a business. NWK wants to add value that goes beyond our own profit margin. We appreciate the positive relationships we enjoy with our stakeholders and communities,’ says Rabe.

A once divided community now works closely together to ensure the future of their town. This enthusiasm and dedication of the local community drew the attention of business enterprises outside Coligny. NWK, Promac and PowerRock have all invested in the Coligny project and provided the necessary products and services to help get the town back on its feet.

The town’s beautification is essential to cultivate a sense of pride in the local community. In this way, the town can get the competitive advantage needed to attract potential investors, create the necessary jobs and stabilise the town’s economy again.

Meanwhile, Coligny’s community is already hard at work fixing potholes, painting and repairing roadmarkers, encouraging businesspeople to paint their stores and maintain the areas in front of their business premises, and to establish rockeries and flower gardens at the entrance to the town.

The local school’s premises were cleaned up while some classrooms and school buildings were also enhanced, with the cooperation of the school authorities. In addition to the beautification of the entrances to the town, trees were planted, refuse was removed from the town and public facilities were renovated in collaboration with the local government. Residents are encouraged to continue to clean around their homes and to keep the town clean.

However, Coligny’s renewal is not just about cleaning, painting and planting. It is about creating an environment that is attractive to investors. South Africa Day has already approached potential medium-and long-term investors who will have a sustainable impact on the town’s economy by creating job opportunities for the local communities of Coligny, Scotland and Tlhabologang. Members of these communities have worked together to plan and implement this initiative, and are now inspiring other communities to do the same.

The aim of the South Africa Day initiative is, after all, to inspire everyone to participate in the upliftment of the country and to create a new sense of optimism and excitement in South Africa and the future of the country.

‘NWK already has already illustrated its value as a reliable business partner. The company has the experience, expertise and power to be a dynamic preferred partner in agriculture, adding value to the entire agricultural value chain,’ explains Rabe. The NWK approach is characterised by a strategically purposeful focus and active innovative initiatives. It is in this spirit that NWK the South Africa Day initiatives as a primary sponsor and partner.

‘NWK Limited appreciates the positive relationships that we enjoy with the communities in and around our operational footprint,’ Rabe emphasised in conclusion.