Nederburg revitalises its brand

nederburg manor house resized

Nederburg is revitalising its brand look, architecture and communications to present a more definable face to wine lovers worldwide as it gears up for the next phase in its development.

A reorganised brand tiering will introduce a new luxury level, as well as several more collections, phased over the next few months. Packaging is being revamped across the brand and new labels have been designed to create more clarity of distinction between each tier, so trade and consumers can better appreciate their differences.

Throughout, the trademark Nederburg epaulette has been given a more compact, less angular look and the brand’s coat of arms has been given greater prominence to highlight the winery’s heritage and award-winning reputation, while creating stronger shelf impact.

‘Our intention is to maintain and grow the support our key audiences but we also want to do so in a way that is more welcoming, while still very much retaining Nederburg’s stature and credentials of excellence,’ stated Lynette Harris, global marketing manager.

The brand’s new payoff line, Mastering Wine, is intended to resonate with all wine lovers, she said. “For the winemaking team, mastering wine is an ongoing pursuit. They can never rest on their laurels because there is always more to be learned and applied. For connoisseurs, there are always new wines and ideas about wine to be discovered and, for regular wine lovers, there are always new tastes and new ways of enjoying wine.’

In restructuring the range, Manor House is being withdrawn from the local line-up but will still be available in selected export markets. Each of Nederburg’s major off-shore markets will carry a selection of the tiers offered locally. In addition, a Fairtrade-accredited collection called Fair Selection, would be sold in some of these markets.