Top packaging technology for product safety in beverages

Sidel says that packaging is integral to product qualityFood and beverage manufacturers are all aware of damage caused by a product safety scandal that results in the breakdown of consumer trust in their brands. According to Sidel’s Clive Smith, packaging plays a vital role in this. He says: ‘Whether the beverage is packaged in a can, glass, carton or PET, every component of the production line that comes into contact with the contents to be consumed has to be carefully designed to meet these high standards.’

Sidel, global provider of PET solutions for liquid packaging, uses Predis technology to provide dry aseptic tools to ensure total product safety, ease of operation and lower total cost of ownership. For Smith, this technology allows producers to decontaminate bottles and caps with the use of only a few chemicals and no water at lower temperatures in a simple and secure way. ‘Essentially, this new technology allows for the extension of the products’ shelf life without the use of preservatives,’ he adds. ‘Producers have now integrated this new technology into their dry aseptic setups by integrating the preform decontamination process and all the blowing, capping, and filling functions into a single production enclosure.’

He also encourages improved communication among all stakeholders: ‘Having learned from every customer, and with our years of experience, we are eager to communicate our expertise concerning safety and hygiene. Achieving Good Manufacturing Practices isn’t about only meeting legislative requirements, but relaying simple recommended ideas that can help operators to maintain complete safety and quality throughout the entire production process.’

Image caption: Predis is a patented solution from Sidel