Pesto Princess hummus now available

It is with fanfare and celebration that Pesto Princess announced the launch of its brand new product – hummus. The new addition to its much loved, preservative-free range can now be found in top SPAR stores throughout the Western Cape, South Africa.


Creative director at Pesto Princess, Kathleen Quillinan says, ‘Her Royal Hummus has arrived! We are proud to present our new product to the world, just in time for summer picnics. Our aim is to nourish, comfort and delight and we know our new Pesto Princess Hummus is going to do just that. It’s free from preservatives and 100 per cent vegan. Please help us share the good news.’

Bringing you homemade pesto since 1998

Pesto Princess was born 19 years ago in the kitchen of Capetonian, Kathleen Quillinan. Since then, the iconic pesto jar has found its regular place in most foodie fridges across South Africa. The business has weathered the challenging journey from craft market to national supermarket and restaurant supplier. Today, Pesto Princess has a fully accredited factory that they refer to as the ‘Palace’ where an extensive range of homemade pestos, pastes, soups and now hummus is produced and distributed throughout South Africa.

All Pesto Princess products are preservative-free and only top quality, locally sourced ingredients are used.

Find Pesto Princess in the fridge

Because all Pesto Princess products are fresh, you can find the full range, including hummus, in the fridges of top SPAR stores.