Meet French exhibitors at Propak Africa 2016

DPI-International-Keep-Can-Propak-AfricaBusiness France has organised a French pavilion at Propak Africa for the second year running. The stand features 15 leading companies in the sector and illustrates the genuine appeal the region holds for French companies.

As the fourth-ranking supplier of packaging materials and equipment to South Africa, France is intent on boosting its influence in this booming market, where packaging consumption has been growing by 2.5 per cent yearly for the past 10 years. The 2016 edition of Propak Africa is an opportunity for the exhibiting French companies to introduce their know-how, products, equipment and innovative technology to African businesses.

The French packaging industry is currently one of the world’s front-runners in the sector. The country holds the third position as a manufacturer and exporter of packaging materials and the seventh world position of packaging equipment.

With a global market of US$35 billion, the demand for processing and packaging machines is expected to continue growing by 4.6 per cent until 2017. To meet this demand, the French packaging industry has increased its production for the past 20 years and is now looking to strengthen its exports, which represents 53 per cent of the turnover of the sector.

French exhibitors to meet at Propak Africa:

  1. Gebo Cermex has positioning itself as a leader in the packaging line engineering industry across a range of market segments, from beverages and food to pharmaceuticals, home and personal care.
  2. Pakea has succeeded over the past few years in rising among the top worldwide production equipment manufacturers in cardboard packaging and processing
  3. Committed to sustainable development, the Lagarde company will be putting forward its innovative Steam-Air autoclaves, which can help reduce energy use by over 30 per cent (when compared to other existing processes)
  4. The pavilion will also feature DCM Usimeca, a manufacturer of processing machines for flexible packaging materials, 80 per cent of which are exported worldwide
  5. Holweg Weber is a manufacturer of high-quality machines for the production of flat or gusseted paper bags, heat-sealed bags, high-speed sheet-cutter and non-stop slitter-rewinder solutions.
  6. Alltub will be displaying its collapsible aluminium tubes for the packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and industrial products, as well as its aluminium aerosol cans and cartridges
  7. Biopack is set to present its wide range of machines designed for packaging of food and beverage, pharmaceutical or even cosmetics products.
  8. With the largest aluminium containers range on the market, Tournaire’s packaging division supplies a wide variety of sectors and offers high levels of quality, service and safety.
  9. The cooperative Socaps offers technical assistance to industrial equipment manufacturers for the design, assembly, installation and maintenance of machines in several industries.
  10. Norman specialises in the design, manufacturing and installation of equipment systems for livestock slaughtering and meat handling
  11. Baert’s expertise is livestock handling for the trade and meat industry
  12. Applic’Etain is a leading supplier of ‘made to measure’ adhesive label tins
  13. DPI International specialises in the development of small plastic parts and in the conception and manufacture of precision molds
  14. ERM Plasturgie is a manufacturer of extrusion and blow moulding rotary and linear machines designed for mass production