Marking and coding innovations to be showcased

Laser-SmartLase-C350 from_PyrotecPyrotec will be showcasing primary and secondary coding applications from its PackMark brand at stand 106 during Food & Drink Technology Africa 2014 (FDT Africa).

As an exhibitor, Pyrotec will be presenting the 9232 Small Character Inkjet, Laser SmartLase C350 and the Print & Apply Labelling 2200 Series, available from its machinery division, to visitors. A company representative says Pyrotec will be capitalising on the opportunity the event offers to not only display its solutions to the beverage market, but also to meet new suppliers.

Through the PackMark brand, the company provides factory-level coding and labelling equipment to a range of South African manufacturers and is the sole distributor of Markem-Imaje, Harland Machine Systems and A.L. Tech Labellers in the country.

Better marking

The 9232, which will make its appearance at FDT Africa, covers a large range of coding applications, from general purpose marking to high performance marking of up to three shifts in the food, beverage, cosmetics, toiletries, electronics, aerospace and automotive industries. This printer offers optimum and intuitive management of marking solutions, allowing for better control of associated costs, environmental impact and printing performance. 

Faster coding

The innovative Laser SmartLase coder includes single and universal fonts as well as algorithms capable of scribing impeccable lines, curves and points faster than ever before. It delivers 30 per cent greater printing performance with best scribing quality, compared to market standards. With this new technology, output rates increase from 1 200 to 1 800 bottles per minute for the beverage industry. For the food industry, character printing capacity of one code is increased from 30 to 120 characters for improved traceability and anti-diversion.

Unparallel print-and-apply rates

The new Print & Apply Labelling 2200 Series builds on a proven concept providing reliability, efficiency and ease of use with thousands of units installed in demanding 24/7 environments. This series takes print-and-apply to the next level, offering users a wide range of interchangeable applicators, optimised operational intervention and unparalleled application rates.

Image description – The Laser SmartLase C350 is amongst the Pyrotec range to be exhibited at Food and Drink Technology Africa 2014.