Wearing Qmilch®

Anke Domaske_developer_of_Qmilch_-_picture_by_Anny-CKQmilch® is new and sustainable fibre made entirely from milk. It’s gentle, hypo-allergenic and ideal for people with skin allergies. It drapes and folds like silk, but can be washed as if it is cotton. 

More interesting, for our readers, is the fact that the fibre is made entirely from milk that may not be consumed due to Germany’s strict control standards. Every year about 1.9 million tonnes of non-marketable milk is discarded by agricultural enterprises in Germany.

German born, biochemist and fashion designer, Anke Domaske, together with her team, created a process of reducing milk to a protein powder that is then boiled and pressed into strands that can be woven into a fabric. 

Qmilch® is definitely environmentally-friendly: it recycles a product (discarded milk not fit for human consumption), and uses very little water in its manufacturing process. Only 2 litres of water is needed to produce 1 kilogram of fabric, or enough to make several standard dresses. By comparison, making the same amount of cotton requires more than 11 800 litres of water. It is the world’s first man-made fibre that is produced without any chemicals. 

For more on the Qmilch® production process, watch this Discovery video 


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