Plastics SA launches new TV commercial

Recycled plastic benchPlastics SA has launched its second television commercial as part of “Clean-Up and Recycle SA Week”. This will be running from 12-17 September 2016.

According to Monya Vermaak, marketing and communications executive at Plastics SA, the new 30 second commercial tells the story of a journey taken by a plastic bottle after it was carelessly thrown away. Despite tough conditions, the bottle ends up fulfilling its dream of being recycled into a plastic bench overlooking the ocean.

‘The aim of the advert is to communicate to the general public there is a second life in plastic products. Plastics are too valuable to be thrown away, and should be recycled into something useful and versatile,’ Vermaak says.

Plastics SA’s first television commercial was launched three years ago, and was entitled “The Story of Hope”.  It was based on a true life story of Mama Dorah – one of many waste pickers in South Africa who earns a living by collecting plastic waste for recyclers.

‘We had a tight budget for production and air time, but our first commercial was very well received.  It exceeded all our expectations with regards to the amount of views and the positive feedback we received from viewers around the country. Our online and social media campaigns in particular garnered a record amount of more than 200 000 views. We are hoping to build on the success of the first advert by communicating a message that is positive and filled with hope,’ Vermaak said.

Look out for it on E! Entertainment, Kyknet & Kie, Travel Channel, BBC Knowledge (BBC Earth), Discovery World and BBC World News. Plastics SA will also use YouTube and Facebook to promote #CleanUpandRecycle and the new commercial.