The greatest marketing stunt of all

stratos takeover_carouselWe cannot let this week go by without saluting Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team. 8 million eyeballs watched Felix jump and saw the Red Bull logo. The Drum discusses the marketing and publicity benefits of this attention-grabbing event …

Perhaps the greatest marketing stunt of all time! That’s how a top US marketer today described Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile space jump.

Just 24 hours earlier Baumgartner broke the sound barrier, shattering the existing record for the highest skydive. The event, titled Red Bull Stratos and sponsored by Red Bull Energy Drink, reflected the company’s slogan: “Red Bull gives you wings.”

Not only wings – roughly 8 million eyeballs watched live coverage of the feat and Red Bull’s logo, but how will it benefit Baumgartner and Red Bull?

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And more about the actual event from Red Bull themselves … 

Mission Accomplished! Red Bull Stratos And Felix Baumgartner Break Three World Records

On Sunday afternoon, in Roswell, New Mexico, Red Bull Stratos, the mission to the edge of space, made history, with Felix Baumgartner breaking the sound barrier during his 128,000 feet jump back to earth… 

In front of a global audience of millions who watched the mission live, Felix took off, ascending to a total of 24.5 miles in a stratospheric balloon before jumping out. While standing outside his capsule preparing to jump from the edge of space, Felix said: “Sometimes you have to go really high to understand how small you are.”

Felix’s record-breaking achievements:

  • First freefall to break the speed of sound barrier: Felix’s top speed during freefall was 1,342.8kph (Mach 1.2)
  • Freefall from highest altitude: 128,000 feet (previous record: 102,800 feet)
  • Highest manned balloon flight: Float altitude of 128,097 feet (previous record: 113,740 feet)

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