Reboot with RED ESCape

The 2010 vintage of RED ESCape is now available from StellenzichtNeed an appetising break from your computer, tablet or phone? Stellenzicht winemaker Guy Webber has come up with a great solution; a plush and juicy blend of Shiraz and Pinotage. Called RED ESCape, the packaging for this very real (i.e. non-virtual) red takes its cue from the digital world that increasingly dominates our lives.

Be on the look-out for the most unusual and playful label on the shelf. It’s all about connecting, which wine does better than any other drink!

Succulent and fruity with flavours reminiscent of sun-kissed mulberries and other ripe red fruit offset by a delicious truffle-like earthiness, RED ESCape is very food-friendly, says Guy, and is just the right attachment to bring to a social event. “It’s great with Parma ham and melon, drizzled with a balsamic reduction and spiced up with freshly ground black pepper. I also can’t resist it with dark chocolate mousse served with maraschino cherries.”

The 2010 vintage of RED ESCape is now available from the Stellenzicht farm in Stellenbosch, and leading liquor outlets nationwide.  It retails for around R54 a bottle.

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