Fabulous flavours for red espresso

red espresso new flavoursThe company has announced another innovation: rooibos espresso capsules in four new fabulous flavours. The red espresso Caramel, Chai, Vanilla and Intenso flavours follow on the launch of the red espresso original capsule. Products are ideal for use on a Nespresso machine.

Nic Reid, head of product development says, ‘We’ve spent extensive time developing the flavoured capsules to ensure the perfect balance between our special Rooibos tea and a vanilla and caramel and chai flavour. These flavours complement and add to the overall red espresso experience. Our signature rooibos taste is still the primary focus point of this new range.

The red espresso Chai capsules offers an exotic blend infused with fragrant spices, the Intenso gives connoisseurs a powerful Rooibos espresso shot and the vanilla and caramel flavours deliver deliciously creamy aromatic blends. The flavour range makes a great espresso base for lattes and cappuccinos, as well as iced teas, smoothies and shakes.