Red wine and cola, the African way

ColathembaStellen Fine Wines has produced a new drink for South Africans: a sparkling red wine mixed with cola named Colathemba.

This combination, which is very popular in Europe and South America, was originally brought to Africa by the Portuguese. It is said to have been invented at a Spanish festival in Algorta in 1972, where it was named Calimocho.

Colathemba is a mix of the classic favourites, but is lighter and fresher, and well-suited to the local climate. 


African twist

‘As a young, innovative company, Stellen Fine Wines is leading by example with new, stylish and trend-setting drinks,’ comments Rudolph du Toit, the company’s marketing and sales manager. ‘We jumped at the opportunity to create a cooler with an African twist for the local market.  We named it Colathemba, giving it a strong South African identity. Themba is an isiZulu word for trust.’

The eight per cent cooler is bottled in one litre and 1.5 litre PET bottles, which are light and convenient. Colathemba has a six month shelf life.