SA winner – again – of SIAL d’OR

Mannie Maritz and Mark Larter, financial manager

Dynamic Commodities have done it again; this year winning the SIAL D’Or 2012 Best Product for South Africa for So shi, a fruity sushi sorbet. Based on the concept of the popular Japanese delicacy, sushi, the innovative product of Mannie Martiz – ‘and many others,’ he contends – is made with frozen fruit sorbet.

Dynamic Commodities was founded by Maritz in Port Elizabeth in 1996, producing Island Way Sorbet. The sorbet is filled in fruit shells, which are sourced locally, from the citrus and apple industries. The PE factory, which employs around 1 000 people, removes the fruity flesh from the shells and fills them with its own sorbet.

‘So shi is an extension of the fruit shell,’ says Maritz. ‘I bought a sushi machine and played around with it using ice cream. Initially, it was a ‘fishy’ idea – but everyone loved it and it took off.’ He states that he initially has supplied the product to the hospitality industry and will eventually roll it out to retail outlets. He also believes he has a captivated export market – particularly in France where Japanese cuisine is all the rage. His focus is also on moving into the European market at large and states that he has specifically targeted Germany, Scandinavia and Austria.

Dynamic Commodities produces other products, including Pepaby’s (pepperdew products) that contain no preservatives, have the ability to freeze well, and have a shelf life of almost two years. The company’s biggest exports markets for this product are in Europe, especially Germany.