Selecting the best staff


Bev-CamplingBev Campling of Bion Search and Selection advises that the main benefits of using selection assessments is that the employers know what to expect from future employees and managers do not receive a nasty surprise after recruiting a candidate.

‘Selection assessments, such as psychometric tests, were developed decades ago to evaluate characteristics of people and gauge their suitability to perform certain tasks under different conditions within a particular environment. Since then they have become a reliable and scientific way of assessing the characteristics of a person against criteria stipulated in a recruiter’s job description,’ she says. 

Know your candidates

Psychometric and other assessment tools offer insights into a person’s suitability for a chosen position and can be used for reliable measures such as abilities, motivation and personality or even to establish a person’s leadership ability or mental toughness.

In years gone by, professional assessments for recruitment purposes were only carried out by specialist assessors. These days, the tests are increasingly being offered by recruitment companies. In addition to offering general recruitment services, Bion Search and Selection also offers a wide range of assessments that can be used to assist the recruitment process or to establish the strengths and weaknesses of companies’ existing teams or individual team members.

‘We make use of three different assessment tools approved by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. They can be completed by the candidate via the Internet. In this way nerves do not get in the way of the person’s ability to perform as they should,’ adds Campion.

Thorough testing

Assessments available include the general Prevue Assessment to measure candidates’ abilities, motivation and personality in one test, as well as the MTQ48 Mental Toughness and the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM72) Leadership Assessments for specific purposes. These can also be used to benchmark existing staff and to identify key strengths and training requirements of employees.

Campion states the main reasons for using assessments for recruitment purposes are to determine the candidate’s skills, potential skills and behavioural profile. It can assist with assessing the candidate’s competence for a particular job and test the intellectual capacity and reasoning ability of a candidate.

‘But, it has to be used as part of an arsenal of tools that helps recruiters build up a profile of the person they are about to hire. The assessments can help eliminate mistakes made when selecting candidates,’ she concludes.