Siemens’ digital value chain for the bakery and confectionary industry

Rapidly changing consumer expectations are placing companies under pressure to turn around ever more customised products within the shortest possible time, to an optimum, consistent standard of quality. The key to successfully addressing this challenge is digitalisation: It allows companies to simulate, test and optimise products, production processes and plants in a totally virtual environment based on a digital twin.


When creating a recipe for a new product data relating to the ingredients is transferred directly to the label, considering legal rules and regulations. This is made possible by using the Teamcenter shared data platform. Using the plant’s digital twin, it is possible to test out planned changes to the plant and what effect they will have on production capacity. This capability permits the food industry – as applies in general to all sectors of the manufacturing and process industries – to significantly increase its innovation speed and boost its productivity. It also takes the lead in defining whole new business models. This development can also benefit machine and plant builders and allow them to pass the advantages on to their customers.

Siemens can respond flexibly to changing market demands – such as the growing diversity of different flavours – across every stage from food processing to packaging, labelling and filling. The scope offered by digitalisation enables consumers to design products and packaging in line with their own personal tastes.

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