Siyakha invests R50 million in its production facilities

The multimillion-rand investment in production facilities and equipment by local label manufacturing company, Siyakha Imperial Printing, will boost supplies to the local and export markets as well as maintain the company’s leading position in the sector.


An artist’s impression of Siyakha Imperial Printing’s new facilities

Durban operations

The company, which has been operating in South Africa for over 20 years, has announced an investment of R50 million at its Mount Edgecombe operations in Durban, South Africa.

‘The production will serve the domestic market and export to neighbouring countries, thus entrenching its position as one of the leading label producers,’ says director, Rajesh Lutchman.

New facilities and machines

The investment will involve the construction of new facilities and the installation of new manufacturing machines.

From planning to design, construct and operation, the new facilities focus is on Green Building practice which expands and complements the modern buildings design.