SKF Yelag Bearing – the maintenance free solution for agriculture

SKF Yelag_maintenance-free_insert_bearings_on_peanut_harvesterSKF’s Yelag maintenance-free insert bearings fitted to a peanut harvester provided the customer with a cost effective solution through increased farm productivity.

When the customer had to replace the bearings on his peanut harvester on a weekly basis, he approached SKF for a solution. ‘Regular bearing replacement was not only a costly exercise but also extremely time consuming,’ explains SKF Key Accounts Manager – Agriculture, Charl Engelbrecht. ‘Harvesting season is limited so, in addition to loss of productivity, this unscheduled downtime was also putting the customer at huge risk until the harvesting had been completed.’

SKF offered the customer a unique agricultural solution in the form of a Yelag maintenance-free insert bearing with locking collar (Yelag 207). The bearing is designed with a 5-lip patented seal, specially developed for harvesters and which easily copes with agricultural conditions such as dust, mud, water, straw, and the like. The Yelag bearing is pre-greased which makes it a completely maintenance-free solution. As there is no need for re-lubrication, the customer saves both time and costs. A further advantage is reduced environmental impact. ‘The YELAG is an insert bearing and derives its name from the YEL insert. The suffix, AG (agri) was added after the specially designed 5-lip agri seal was added,’ comments Engelbrecht.

The high quality, sealed, maintenance-free Yelag bearing resulted in increased uptime, improved productivity and reduced cost of machine ownership.

The development of this unique product was subjected to thorough testing before it was introduced to the agricultural market. According to Engelbrecht, the proven success and the great value add of the SKF Yelag bearing for the end-user is resulting in rapid growth in demand of the product in the agricultural segment.