A new take on smoked duck

Smoked-duck-enters-NPC The Duck Farm has entered its Smoked Duck Breast in this year’s Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

Products are basted with a brine, which enhances the flavour and succulence of the final product and placed in a traditional wood smoker where Oak Wood Chips lightly smokes the duck breast. This process takes a maximum 45 minutes after which excess moisture from the breast fillets are drained, allowing the product to still retain its succulent taste.

After smoking, the oak wood smoked breasts are removed and placed in a steam cooker. During cooking, the product reaches an internal temperature of 83°C. This ensures that the product is safe to eat. It is then placed into a vacuum bag to retain flavour and succulence.

Ducks are reared in large open runs with a constant supply of all grain feed and clean drinking water. The ducks receive clean bedding daily, feed with no animal by-products or hormones and no antibiotics are administered.