Snowflake’s new flour mix range tastes like home

Rise up to any cooking or baking occasion with Snowflake’s new flour mix range. Their latest baking innovations include truly traditional tastes – the Magwenya Flour Mix, Dombolo Flour Mix and Queen Cakes Flour Mix.

Anyone can now create the taste of home with the same traditional flavours while saving them time and money. The new flour mix range promises a rise time quicker than scratch baking with consistent quality and guaranteed empty plates.

Freshly made dombolo made with Snowflake’s Dombolo Flour Mix

Snowflake senior brand manager, Flora Maloka, says the new flour mix range speaks to the demand for traditional baked goods that are quick and easy to make without having to bake them from scratch.

‘The variants speak directly to the South African mass market consumer. They are truly South African favourites, baked in homes and communities across the country,’ says Maloka.

‘Our new flour mixes give you the confidence to rise up to any cooking and baking occasion with Magwenya, Dombolo and Queen Cakes that taste just like their grandmothers used to make them.’

All three flour mixes are available nationwide. Each flour mix comes in 1 kg and 2.5 kg packs, suitable for any family, big or small.

Rise up with Snowflake’s new flour mix range and you’ll leave uMama and uGogo proud and begging for more. It is simply too fresh to flop.