Dairy Symposium 2014

SASDT Symposium 2014The South African Society of Dairy Technology (SASDT) is presenting its 47th Annual Symposium in Cape Town, focusing on Integrated Supply Chain Management. The dates of the symposium falls in line with the SA Cheese festival and annual Qualité Awards in April.

‘Dairy products are complex in nature and have influence from various inputs in the value chain,’ states SASDT’s national president Stephan Steyn. ‘The aim of the symposium is to investigate these chains, including crop production and feed manufacturing; milk production; milk processing and value added products; storage and distribution; and the retail sector and the consumer. Each batch of ready-to-eat product has its own unique food chain. No dairy product has the same value chain and the ingredients and process for manufacturing yoghurt and Parmesan is vastly different.’

Other aspects relating to a successful chain management are effective communication, food safety skills, reliable suppliers, targeted hazard control, performance of control measures and the cooperation of various organisations and authorities.

‘The symposium will give stakeholders the opportunity to interact with role players from all aspects in their value chain addition and give them the opportunity to grow their technical knowledge in a safe environment to the advantage of the consumer,’ ends Steyn.

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