Sparkling apple drink makes tasty waves in Cape Town

Cape Apple natural sparkling apple spritzer has entered the Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition.


It’s fizzy, really tasty and comes in a recyclable glass bottle. Cape Apple is a crafty natural sparkling apple spritzer with true Capetonian character. This handcrafted beverage proudly boasts its heritage showcasing classy African- centric packaging design with our beloved mountain silhouetted against bubbly golden apple liquid. We took inspiration from tribal shields for our quirky apple icon taking centre stage on the label.

What is all the fuss about?

It is natural, no additives, no colouring, and no frills – just a clean refreshing taste that really does the job. Guzzle down after exercise or stack some in a small cooler box for hiking. No need to add ice, just cool it down and voila! Totally cool thirst quenching on hand! This drink is simple in its make up, consisting of 60 per cent apple juice and 40 per cent carbonated spring water. It is non-alcoholic and diabetes friendly as no extra sugar is added. Young and old can enjoy this, apple or pear shaped – this really is for everyone.

A story with a great beginning

It all started when Olaf – our founder and liquid wizard – was walking along the Pipe Track Trail on a hot summers day. He was parched and thought back to home and the popular apple spritzer made in Germany. Light-bulb moment struck! He is German, and the Western Cape is home to some of Africa’s finest apple fruit valleys. And this dear reader is how it all started. A few trials (and errors) later – Olaf had the correct mix of pure apple juice and spring water. Carbonate and … Cheers!

Growing from the pip

We are barely a year into our bubbly journey and already had three batches filled, enjoyed sold-out days at Cape Town markets and are now entering the retail market in Town with great gusto. We supply several cafés and demand is gradually growing. To patrons within Cape Town we deliver right to your door.

To infinity and beyond

Our plan is to grow steadily instead of hastily. Our dream is to be in restaurant menus, displayed on bar shelves, sold to tourists or simply packed by neighbours and friends into lunchboxes – as it really refreshes. It is not just a drink, but also a new taste-bud experience with real Capetonian flair. There are more than just ingredients in here. There is local job creation, pride and a real sense of love for the product. So next time you see our happy label or two-pack box displayed, give it a try!