Spicing up the local market

Sharwoods-Tandoori-High-Res-2Sharwood’s is a firm favourite in the United Kingdom and consumers there have been using it to produce authentic Eastern meals for over a century. According to Craig Clemence, managing director of Fore Good’s Food Division, it is Sharwood’s reliability and convenience, not to mention its insistence on fine quality ingredients, which have contributed massively to its success. The company has now brought to Tikka and Tandoori pastes variants to the South African market.


Fore Good is a brand builder and distributor in the FMCG sector offering suppliers comprehensive solutions – from importation right through to merchandising and marketing. It’s product portfolio is made up of brands such as A1 Sauces, Ambrosia, Canderel, Equal, Kraft Mayonnaises, Kraft BBQ Sauces, Miracle Whip, Planters Peanuts, Pringles and, of course, Sharwood’s.

Sharwood’s Tikka Paste is made using a blend of herbs and spices that are gently prefried to bring out their full flavour. Sharwood’s Tandoori Paste, meanwhile, is the perfect choice for creating an authentic Indian curry.

‘We’re excited that South Africans now have access to a brand which hosts a range of delicious authentic flavours,’ states Clemence.