Stern-Wywiol Gruppe at Food Ingredients Asia

Stern-WywiolAt Food Ingredients Asia, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 3-5 October, the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe will be presenting its wide range of products and services. Berg + Schmidt Asia and Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific, both members of the globally operating Stern-Wywiol-Gruppe, will show new ingredient solutions. 

Berg + Schmidt Asia, with its headquarter in Singapore, will display BergaBest, a low viscosity MCT oil, which is practically colourless, odourless and flavourless, along with the entire range of lecithin products of their sister company Sternchemie. These lecithins are used in chocolate, bakery products, instantised food, food supplements, margarine and frying fats. Depending on the technical requirements of the various applications and customer or market preference, they are available in liquid or powder form and are produced from soybeans or sunflower seeds. 

Food stabilising systems 

As the international marketing company for the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific represents the German sister companies Hydrosol, Mühlenchemie, SternEnzym and SternVitamin. Hydrosol is a rapidly expanding company in the international market for food stabilising systems. At the modern Technology Centre in Germany, with its comprehensive equipment, the R&D specialists devise customised stabilising systems for dairy products, desserts, ice cream, deli food and ready-meals, and for meat, fish and sausage products. Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific will in future be able to offer the whole Hydrosol product range in the Asian market. The new products include functional systems for processing surimi, injection additives for the efficient manufacture of cooked cured specialities and other meat products, and also meat binding systems. In the dairy field, the stabilising systems for cultured dairy products, cream and analogue mozzarella offer considerable value-added potential – as do the combinations of active ingredients for the production of low-fat mayonnaise. 

A new feature of the range offered by Mühlenchemie is combinations of enzymes and other active ingredients for improving the water absorption and stability of doughs; increasing the yield of baked bread and rolls; and the succulence of the crumb. Further innovations are enzymes to prolong the shelf life of industrially-produced, packaged bread; and for optimising costs and quality in pasta production. 

Lactose-free food 

SternEnzym, a specialist in the development, production and marketing of tailormade enzyme systems, has developed a lactase of very high quality and purity that removes lactose from dairy products; and can be used both for lactose-free food and as a processing aid for preventing the crystallization of lactose in ice cream and sweets containing milk, for example, dulce de leche. Further innovations are highly efficient enzymes for the economical production of cheese and for enhancing the properties of meat, sausage and fish products, such as surimi and fish balls.

In close cooperation with its customers, yet another group member, SternVitamin, develops special vitamin and mineral premixes for fortifying drinks, bakery products and pasta, cereals, dairy products and sweets, and also baby food, margarine and edible oils. With individual strategies for a healthy, sustainable and active lifestyle the company enables customers to keep a step ahead of the constantly changing trends in eating habits and market requirements. In doing so, SternVitamin uses state-of-the-art technology. With the new fluid-bed processor, for example, it is possible to convert powders which do not dissolve readily in water into agglomerates with a porous structure which have much better water solubility than the original powders. Examples of such products are soluble coffee, vitamin granulates for tea bags and multivitamin granulates for sherbet powder. Moreover, the company has recently finished a large extension to the applications laboratories for R&D and is steadily enlarging the facilities for in-house analysis.