Metsä Board’s traceable paperboard

FRV-PRV-Feature-Feb-CartaThe hygiene requirements for food are strict throughout the production chain, and packaging must meet the tough demands presented by moisture, cold, grease and light. Strong packaging helps contents stay intact throughout the logistics chain,’ says vice president of Metsä Board’s sustainability and energy, Soili Hietanen.

‘The company uses pure fresh fibres and has a strictly controlled production process. This is how we ensure the paperboard produced has no harmful substances,’ she notes.

The main raw material of the company’s paperboard is 100 per cent traceable timber from sustainably managed forests. Metsä Board recently launched a new white linerboard, a specially designed coated white-top kraftliner suitable for brand, retail and consumer packages. More importantly, it is safe for food packaging.This high-performance board adds strength and has an excellent surface for conventional flexo post-printing of corrugated boards. It helps deliver excellent productivity results throughout the print and conversion process. It is a competitive alternative to uncoated white linerboards.

Award winning paperboard

Coffee supplier, Amann-Kaffee’s packaged coffee capsules had a significant impact on the Pro Carton ECMA Awards 2016 judges. The packaging was selected as the winner of the food category. The carton, produced by the Rattpack Group comprises Carta Elega paperboard by Metsä Board. This fully coated bleached paperboard with a coated back is available in a basis weight range of 205 to 380g/m². It is suitable for offset, gravure, flexo and digital printing. 

Carta Elega provides premium print quality and superior visual smoothness. Its blade coating on the reverse adds to its versatility for smart brand packaging applications. It has high brightness, excellent stiffness, and also makes strong cartons that maintain its shape in transit and on the shelf. Lightweight construction allows a lower basis weight to be specified without loss of strength and performance.It is made from fresh fibres and manufactured under the highest environmental and safety standards.