Driving value and volume in Africa

Bidvest Food Exports offer solutions across a number of industriesSupplying the African markets comes with its own unique set of challenges, says Karel Meyer of Bidvest.

‘Different countries have different profiles. With our internal support we are ideally situated to offer various solutions that can cater to different taste profiles. Nigeria might have a high malt but low sugar and salt profile, as opposed to a lower malt but high sugar and salt system in other regions. What sets us apart is that we can offer customised solutions to suit a particular market. We look towards our partners in Africa to offer advice. We are also extremely flexible in finding the right solution for our clients.’

John Manthey is the technical executive for the bakery division. ‘We are market leaders in offering various bakery solutions to the continent. We offer enzyme solutions, low dosage improvers for various products, fats, oils and pre-mix solutions for bread, muffins, chocolate and various fruit products.’

In terms of value systems, Bidvest can supply kits for high and low end confectionery and bread products. The company also provides training at its dedicated centres in Johannesburg. ‘In addition to developing their products, we offer full Seta accredited training on product lines. We are Halaal certified and offer full traceability.

The company is HACCP and ISO22000 compliant and offers up to 2 000 different products for the bakery sector,’ Manthey enthuses.

Solutions for the meat processing industry

Bidvest offers a full range of equipment and complete systems for the meat processing industry.

Raw meat ingredients used at the spice blending plant are tested and the company offers full traceability of products. Mario De Oliveira who heads up the export meat division, is especially excited about the Microsafe system. This puts all products in line with international legislation for food products and additives.

‘There is an increasing demand for improved food safety standards. Our Microsafe food safety program demands that we employ numerous other food safety initiatives for meat processing. The system includes the procurement of pre-selected and approved materials from approved suppliers; automated and manual spice cleaning operations to remove possible foreign matter such as glass and foreign seeds; quality control of incoming shipments; lot traceability; high pressure liquid chromatography for the detection of aflatoxins, Sudan Red and Scoville heat unit determination, and microbiological analysis of pre and post sterilisation samples to ensure conformance with legal requirements, ‘De Oliveira explains.

‘We facilitate roll-outs on meat processing plants and can offer full technical expertise in terms of what equipment is needed according to proposed volume output. The cost of animal protein on the continent can be prohibitive. Bidvest Food Exports can reduce the cost factor attributed to animal protein in a processed product meat block or formulation.’

A single ingredient to a consolidated container

Jonathan Katz manages technical sales for dairy and general food ingredients, ‘This is the latest addition to the Bidvest portfolio and is fast becoming a critical part of our total offering. Our strength lies in our ability to consolidate export orders from local sourcing of ingredients.’

Consumers on the continent want access to European and American-style products. Dairy is a fast growing industry across Africa. We can facilitate a company in gaining the necessary knowledge, ingredients’ systems and recipes to turn this into a reality,’ Katz concludes.