Four new flavours for Switch

Switch-8-June-2017-4Switch Energy has recently announced the addition of two more products to its energy drink range. This brings the brand’s line to a grand total of five flavours. Four of these new flavours have entered the 2017 Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

‘Consumers have been looking for more variety and affordability in the energy drink market, and we’ve responded by introducing a product range that includes five flavours, making quality energy drinks more accessible and redefining today’s market,” says Christian Wentzel of Switch Energy. ‘Throughout our company, we have strived to give customers a premium product with the best possible price on the market.’

Changing the energy drink market

Whether it’s working late, studying, training or partying, consumers want an energy drink that appeals to their palate and pocket. Not all consumers enjoy the sweet tartness of traditional energy drinks which is something Switch considered when developing the Envy, Element and Epic products. Each of the products has a unique taste that is lighter on the palate, and packed with benefits from ingredients like group B vitamins, taurine, caffeine and sugar.

‘The Switch Energy product line has something for everyone and caters to the unique demands of this diverse market, including those people who do enjoy the traditional energy drink flavour,’ adds Wentzel. ‘Through this product line, our objective is to change market perceptions on the unhealthy, expensive or situational typecast of energy drinks.’