Symrise is optimistic for the second half

Symrise-growthAfter a successful first half, Symrise is confidently looking ahead to the second half of the year.

Despite the political and economic volatility in some countries, the group expects demand and growth dynamics to be generally strong.

Therefore, Symrise confirms its objective of outperforming the global flavour and fragrances market, which is estimated to be growing at an annual rate of two to three per cent. Despite the volatility of certain exchange rates, Symrise aims to be among the most profitable companies in the industry.

Consequently, Symrise has adjusted its profitability target and is now aiming for an EBITDA margin of above 20 per cent. The group also remains fully committed to the medium-term targets it has set until the fiscal year 2020: A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the range between five to seven per cent and an EBITDA margin between 19 and 22 per cent.