Innovative reclosable lid technology for packaging lines

Synerlink reclosable lidSynerlink, a leader in form-fill-seal (FFS) packaging lines for fresh dairy and the dessert market, has introduced an innovative reclosable lid technology called SnapLid on its Arcil FFS line.

SnapLid provides a fully integrated packaging solution that thermoforms and seals a snap-on lid in line. This eliminates the need for an overcap lid, typically found on multi-serve products.

Synerlink CEO, Eric Lesbats says two years of research and development were devoted to adapting the SnapLid concept to work with films currently popular in the food packaging industry.

‘We are excited to offer it to our customers. They can now enjoy cost savings and production benefits. Customers will love the convenience of this easy-to-use storage option.’

Synerlink’s SnapLid reclosable technology offers cost and time saving convenience. Iteliminates plastic film or foil sealing systems. It is made from a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) / polyethylene (PE) or polystryrene (PS)/PE laminate. It has a built-in lid that provides an excellent seal at high output rates of up to 30 cycles per minute.

The technology is available for packaging various types of products into ultra-clean packaging ranging from 10g to one kilogramme. Products extend to fresh cheese, crème fraîche, butter, spreads, dips, puréed vegetables, vegetable salads, spices and dry foods like snacks, cereal bars and cookies. FFS production increases productivity through greater manufacturing efficiency with shorter lines.

The complete construction of package on-site material, logistics and storage costs leads to an increased cost-effectiveness. A large pull-tab promotes an easy one-step opening of the lid. Once opened, consumers can easily snap it closed to keep the product completely sealed and fresh longer. In addition, it has an eye-catching appeal to consumers when the high-end (grid cut) is decorated with a strip label in line or a shrink sleeve label at the end of the line.